[Free] Custom Vimeo - for downloading Video & Thumbnail with quality from website Vimeo By Json

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set it to fetch data (video Urls & qualitys)
id = id of vimeo video

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To convert Vimeo Url to id

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json = return video utls & quality like json
Like that


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error = return error
errorFrom = return error Where does the error come from?

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To get Thumbnail of video
id = id of vimeo video
quality = Large , Medium  or Small (Block)
Quality Blocks

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Special Thanks to mr @Anu10 Without him, this extension would not have existed in the first place & thanks for beta test it

Small demo from @Anu10


AIX Download link : DirectLink

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Another great extension.

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Thanx siir @deanart2012 another :joy: :heart:

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