Free Customizable Email Verification/OTP

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no chance.

Yes, its free. Ok
What could be the problem from my side?

please redeploy your web app script that can be accessed by anyone, even anonymous because your picture show me that you only deploy it for anyone

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Email is not received even after deployed as you said.

Check this out

It is not like that execute the app as your email and set who has access to the app with anyone even anonymous

How can you guarantee us
that this system could not be put out of service and that our users cannot register?

I doubt (google) would go down

Sorry!! I made a mistake of publication

Hi Thanks for this Amazing Script. I just had one question. Once the password is generated and sent to email, the user enters it in a text box and presses a “Verify OTP” button. But after that how do you call it and Verify?

I had used the following, but it doesn’t work.

Thank you so much for sharing this. I have absolutely no problem, and it also works in AI2, which I might use for 2020 hackathon. Thanks again!

Because the random code that are generated in the variable can only be known if the user receive the email so thats how you can know that the user has a valid and working email address

Actually I have a doubt, that how the otp will be checked whether it is correct or not…
after sending the email how the system will confirm that otp is the same or not.

By uploading to the cloud like Firebase.

After sending the email, the person will have the code that must be the same with the variable that stored the code. So to verify it you just need to make sure that the code the person receive are the same with the code that are in the variable. When the person input the code to the text box then we just need to make a code that check if the code that are inputted to the text box is the same with the code that are stored in the same variable. (The Variable Is The Same Variable That Is Used To Store The Code When It Was Firstly Generated)


As I said, use cloud is the best choice, because user might clear data, makinf the stored value deleted.
What I will do is generate a random number, save in Firebase.

Yes, you are right i’m just explaining how the OTP with this guide works that’s all

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