[FREE]DjGPXTool extension

I’m sorry, but basically what is this extension for?

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can you please read

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:it would be necessary for the uninitiated to explain what a gpx file is

Google is your friend.

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Guys, its not working on Google maps… i cant point or anything else, can you help me please??

@Peter can you please help? :confused:

Hello, anyone can help me with aia file for gpx tool?

I found this free on the community ( [FREE]DjGPXTool extension - #8 by Peter ), but when I use it, I get a problem with map screen :confused:
Can anyone help me?


Hello guys,

I upload a .gpx file into the assets and I want to put it into here:

How can I do it?

it probably does not work with files from the assets…
try to copy it to shared storage and read it from there


Hello boban, I see that you help a lot the community, can you helping me by this:

I am trying to use a file from asset to blocks, here:

How can I use it? Any simple method? Because I am a little newbie :confused:

What about following my previous advice?

I tried it but i am not an advanced kodular player… can you help me please with aia?? :confused:

Use the file component to copy the file to directory /Download

I am really lost… :confused: I tried to find info and replicate it but i cant :confused:

Protip: use the Copy method of the file component to copy a file


I’m looking for help with this extension, it’s everything I was looking for but for some reason I can’t get it to work.
I believe this is not a permission problem. I recorded a video showing the permissions.
I use android 13…
GPXDemo_help.aia (69.3 KB)
GPXDemo_help.apk (5.9 MB)

Are you trying to load a file from the root directory of your device? This is not possible anymore, see also Some basics on Android storage system

Try to load from shared storage like /Download


thanks for the feedback, I actually changed the location to /Download and everything seems fine, thanks

kmls.zip (1.8 KB)
it worked, but the structure of the kml file that is generated is not opened by other applications (eg earth)
Could I have

access or edit the extension to maybe try to change the generated structure of the kml file?
I attached two files, would this change be possible? if so I propose to edit, or the owner of the extension @Django_s_Android_App

Is there a way to edit the extension codes? I might as well try; but i don’t know how to proceed.

This extension works with a simplified form of kml data,
no more and no less.
I don’t intend to update this extension because I haven’t worked with Kodular or Java for a long time. (I quitted when the Android Storage story got bizzarre)

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