[FREE] EIDE - Extension IDE create your extension on Android

Hello everyone as we know extensions are the most important for developing apps in App Inventors. But have you ever seen a extension builder which works in Android? Answer is No. Now I’m introducing EIDE a extension development IDE which can easily build extensions.

It’s simple and easy & free. Just install EIDE from play store & start developing extensions. Now no need to use a PC.

Why use EIDE?

  • Easy-to-use interface and very fast
  • Works on devices from Android 5
  • Advanced code editor with customizable features
  • Code auto-completion for streamlined coding
  • Effortless compiling with real-time feedback
  • Enhanced security with ProGuard obfuscation
  • Simplified library management for seamless integration

Download EIDE:

Now you can use the app without any permission.

Why you are waiting? Start coding.

Owned by,
Al Shahriar.


Welcome to community @Edu_Book

I am facing this problem. Could you explain a little?

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just click to install anyway, we will try define this problem

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Welcome to the community @Edu_Book

Definitely keep up the good work @Edu_Book :relieved:

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We with this app Can we bill multiple Java files at once?

An example of this is

  • Storage.Java

  • StoragePermission.Java


Here is your answers :arrow_down:

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Wait for next update