[Free]📫Email Validation Extension to check Disposable Emails


The Tempmail extension by Mr_koder provides access to the Tempmail API, allowing users to validate email addresses and determine if they are disposable or not. This extension requires an API key for authentication, which can be obtained from the RapidAPI platform.

Quality and Domain Coverage

With a wide selection of domains frequently used for temporary and disposable email addresses, the Tempmail addon provides accurate and dependable disposable email validation. The extensive domain coverage of the Tempmail extension guarantees a complete validation procedure, whether you’re developing an app that needs rigorous email verification or assuring user validity.



  • Description: The API key for the email validation service.
  • Type: String
  • Access: Read/Write


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IsDisposableEmail(String email)

Screenshot 2023-08-04 171549

  • Description: Checks if an email address is disposable using the Tempmail API.
  • Parameters:
    • email: The email address to be checked.
  • Usage: This method triggers an HTTP request to the Tempmail API and invokes the DisposableEmailResult event with the validation result.
  • Note: This method is asynchronous and does not return a value directly.


DisposableEmailResult(boolean valid, boolean block, boolean disposable, boolean emailForwarder, String domain, String text, String reason, int risk, String mxHost, String mxIp, String mxInfo, String lastChangedAt)

  • Description: Event triggered after the email validation process is complete.
  • Parameters:
    • valid: Whether the email address is valid.
    • block: Whether the email address is blocked.
    • disposable: Whether the email address is disposable.
    • emailForwarder: Whether the email address is an email forwarder.
    • domain: The domain of the email address.
    • text: Additional text associated with the validation result.
    • reason: The reason for the validation result.
    • risk: The risk level associated with the email address.
    • mxHost: The mail exchange host for the email address.
    • mxIp: The IP address of the mail exchange host.
    • mxInfo: Additional information about the mail exchange host.
    • lastChangedAt: Timestamp of the last change related to the email address.

Getting the API Key

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To use the Tempmail extension, you need to obtain an API key from the RapidAPI platform. This API key is used for authentication when making requests to the Tempmail API.


Tempmail.aix (624.7 KB)


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