[FREE] Expandable View - An Extension to make expandable layouts in your apps


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This is not extension problem. Pls see to your blocks

this toggle proce is directly related with exten


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So where i need to place that toggle i am not getting any idea

@Still-learning but in aia file it is like that only the toggle is in screen initialize and nothing in toggle name

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Put the id of the expandable view that you want to toggle. As GSR already said this is not any extension bug or problem. You are calling the toggle procedure without any id and the error rises because given id does not exists.

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i will check it (sry for late reply)

still not working same code problem

pls mar
and tell

Pls can u guys tell me buz i try to do it again but still same problem

thank you is very useful

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please provide demo aia and one YouTube tutorial :pleading_face:

if you have aia pls send me dm or link here

please update it, center Align is not work

Hi, can you provide AIA file for this sample . I already download the extension but can’t find AIA for this sample.

Nice score man!
Sry, excuse me could you provide me ur demo aia file
Thanks a lot man :pray:

how to use this on dynamic list?

where is the cause of the error?

i build that on mitt app

bcaa.aia (386.2 KB)

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I have uploaded the AIA in the first post, all of the above demo designs are present in it.


thank you …