[Free] Extension OneSignalSend | Send onesignal notification from app itself | October Version 5 , Send by custom filter

Thank you @Jerin_Jacob for this extension.
It will really help a lot of peoples who are facing one signal component problem.


I am one user of this wonderful extension and it works very well in all my projects.


excuse me, while i clicked the link it shows this

Did you try again later? It is working for me right now.

nope i clicked this
and it showed that

hello…thanx for this extension…can you tell me how to turn of pop up alert…thanx

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Hi i am wondering how i can receive the messages.

use built in push notification component, configure one signal, set it in to your app, search youtube for complete setup tutorial

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Thanks thought it would be an addon because i was using MIT… Now I switched to Kodular. but I am still wondering how I can use tags with the normal one Signal component. So the user should be able to turn push notification off.

that features are available in phone setting , user can turn off from mobile setting

I think it would be also usefull to have it in the app setting which I am building right now…

i think there is an option available set subscription… try that

yip works thank you very much

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App ID: 6f4071c8-11bf-46b1-a96a-182ce5b7ff8e

the app is installed on a phone
the sender app is installed on another phone

the receiver app actually receives notifications when sent from onesignal website but not from the sender app

please I need your help

You should edit your post and remove your App ID and App Key. I believe that besides OneSignalSend extension you should place Push Notification component in Screen1 in order to work

The push notification component shoudl be palced in sender app or reciever app … as it’s already placed in the receiver app and receives nsotifications when sent from onesignal website

It has to be placed in both apps.

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I will try and send you feedback now

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Failed too …
after putting the push notifications in sender app too


although i have just tested the website and worked very fine but the sender app failed

I’ve just sent an answer in your topic.

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