[Free] Extension OneSignalSend | Send onesignal notification from app itself | October Version 5 , Send by custom filter

When app is being used the message will show inside app

Is there no way to turn the in-app pop up. Because it becomes exhausting sometimes to keep clicking on OKAY

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it is easy, use the kodular one signal component, using the blocks that have “when notifications recieve” and put a comand on it in a value in a label or other components and non-visible it


Jerin extension is so great combination for kodular additional blocks one signal component

how can the small icon in notification can be set?

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thank you so much it works for me


Where can we found player id for specific user

@msr79526 Go to OneSignal, then to the app’s dashboard. Choose Audience from the top and then All Users. Scroll to the right and you will find Player id for each user

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plzz tell me too how its gonna be working

Sending notification from app is not working.when the send notification from one signal site it work properly…please tell me where is my mistake.

But how to get the user ID without going to On Signal?

Thank you! Thank you!

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If you add a method to write text message with in the app it will be surely very helpful extension.
Just try to have an option to write text message without using the onesignal website.

its possible with this extension

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How i am unable to do so

I mean is it possible to have a text box within the app in which text when written and submitted send push notification to users.
I don’t want to again and again go to my blocks and rewrite the message.
Is it possible?

Hello please help me know does this extension allows the user to type push messages real time. Will the user be able to write and change the push notification message after it is exported.

Please answer

Hello friend, some months ago you replied this to an user that faced the same problem I am.
So this components should be in all screens? So all screens should have a non visible label.

What should go into here?

For this, I shouldn’t be answering, but I will anyway. Do not tell people to answer you even if they may have the answer. If they want to answer you, they will.

Once the notification has been sent to another device, it cannot be changed remotely. You can only send notifications, not edit them when they’ve been sent.

Yes, you use the textbox block Textbox1.text to get the text which is in that textbox… However note once again, notifications may only be sent to the device, not edited afterwards.