[FREE] FadingText Extension


Hello everyone, I’m back with another extension. it is a simple extension to make fading animation for labels.


Blocks Description
initializeFadingText 301x78 Initialize Label (Text Component) as FadingTextView.
Show 200x29 Show Label with Fading Animation.
Hide 194x29 Hide Label with Fading Animation.
Toggle 207x29 Toggle Label with Fading Animation.

Blocks Example

blocks 486x435


Demo Video FadingText

Download Extension

com.hritikr.fadingtext.aix (11.3 KB)

Please let me know if you found any errors or mistakes. :smiley:


Good animated text extension… :+1:

I think you and @varsha thinking the same but in a different way… but users(we) will get benefit with both extensions…