[Free] File Picker Extension - Pick Any File From Device Storage (2.1.6)

[Free] File Picker Extension - Pick Any File From Device Storage (2.1.6)

Hello guys, using this extension you can pick any file from internal or external storage.
Very simple but many useful extension.

Total Blocks
Two functions, two events and 17 properties available on this time.

Using this block you can pick single file from device storage.

  • file PathIt’s return the storage path of picked file.
  • file NameIt’s return the name of picked file.
  • file SizeIt’s return the size of picked file.

Using this block you can pick multiple files from device storage. Long click on file to select more.

  • filePathsIt’s return the storage paths of picked files as list format.
  • fileNamesIt’s return the names of picked files as list format.
  • fileSizesIt’s return the sizes of picked files as list format.

File Types
Use this blocks to set file type or you can set manually file mime type.

I hope you’ll enjoy this extension.

If any error faced, feel free to knock me.
To get my social contact information just click on my name →

Extension Specification

yo.Jewel.FilePicker.aix (15.1 KB)
Version: 2.1.6
Last amendment: 16 Jun 2021


Searching for it from a week.
Very excited to use it.
Thank you !!!

Thank you for the wonderful extension.

Welcome dear @Overall_General, @Overall_General
A lot of love for you :revolving_hearts:

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It really solved my problem.
I was getting file name as EX: Document:56585 etc.
Your extension is returning correct name.
Thank you so much for providing it for free.!!!

It is returning me the file size as 0 KB even if my file size is 10 mb

Welcome again.

Maybe in companion it’s showing wrong file size if you picked file from SD Card.

its in internal storage
Its showing correct size for images and other pdf files
But for 1 file its showing incorrect size

Ok, I’ll fix this later if it’s has bugs

File is 2748…pdf

it is returning the file size as incorrect

Interesting, quite similar to the extension developed by Deep Host. :thinking:


DeepHost doesn’t offer support for his extensions. Who cares at this point if anyone develops something similar to their extensions.

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I mean if there is someone who uses DeepHost’s extension then he can migrate to this one.


hey @JAHID is it possible to add a list of file types together and one more suggestion try to add custom file extension

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You can use custom file type using string block

do we need to use like - mp4 or .mp4

No, you need to give file’s mime type. You can search on google for this

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Please compare the file size, the different is 10 times

Now you misunderstood. :joy:

Unfortunately not from the ASD with Android 11.

It would be nice if this is also possible, because this directory (ASD) is no longer accessible for devices with Android ≥ 11.