[Free] Gamezop Extension

Hello Koders, here is an another useful extension to build app with ease.


Gaming destination with hundreds of premium H5 / instant games.


In this method, you can use the Gamezop All Games Function to populate your own UI and directly take users from your app into individual games instead of taking them to the Gamezop Game Centre.



Get a list of games objects.

Parameter Type
id text



The response contains a single list games with multiple game objects. Each games object contains

Parameter Type
codes list
urls list
names list
isPortraitList list
descriptions list
gamePreviews list
assetsList list
categoriesList list
heights list
widths list
gamePlays list
hasIntegratedAdsList list



Parameter Type
errorMessage text

:spiral_notepad: Extension specifications:

:android: Version: 1.0.0
:earth_americas: Released On: 19 May 2024
:link: Aix: Gamezop.aix (11.1 KB)

Api used:


I’ve unlisted the topic, please upload Kodular blocks and let me make it listed again.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ve uploaded the Kodular blocks. Please review them, and once everything looks good, feel free to list the topic again.

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Of course, Next, you must use kodular blocks when writing documentation for any extension

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Demo aia available?

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