[FREE] GestureDetect - Recognize Swipe Up/Down/Right/Left and DoubleClick

exceptional extension, congratulations

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I used the extension and it didn’t work. I tried with all functions and got no results!

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What about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?
Also which device and Android version did you use for your tests?.

Yes, this extension works with layouts but it doesn’t work with WebView :frowning: What should I do?

You are great I needed this extension. Thank you so much…

Awesome work!!!

how to use in various arrangements, and detect which arrangement was swapped

Good job

could you add the touchdown and touchup function ? and return the swipe distance

from the event time of touchdown and touchup, we can get the click duration , swipe speed … its useful for app


This may help you


Thank you , I know this extension … it didnt include the functions like touchdown ,touchup … , form the touch and release time, gesture functions will be more useful