[FREE] Google Translate Extension

This extension allows you to translate any language to any language supported by google translate. This don’t need any API key of google translate to work.
It will automatically detect the given language :grin:.

Thanks to @chaimk for sponsoring this extension :smiley:




com.atomdeveloper.GoogleTranslate.aix (40.0 KB)


it is offline ??

BTW, Nice Extension !

I think No.

Google translate is an online service, you need active internet connection for its working.

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Can we translate Assamese Language…??


The extension is now Free.


It needs a working internet connection.

Please Add Language List or Url To Get Better User For Example If Someone Want To Translate Spanish To Hindi Or Urdu So How Can Do This

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Well, you can use this json list to get the language code from the language name

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Isn’t it possible to download the languages beforehand and use them offline?

Well @bodymindpower, The link given is only for Google Translate App.
Also it uses online api so it looks not possible to use it online,as it is not any SDK.

i dont know is that word acurate or not


well thanks most of ur extensions are paid but thannks for making it free

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A Small typo mistake :sweat_smile:
Thanks for telling.


Ok, so what are the differences between these two extensions / versions?

In my extension I’m using this api: https://translate.googleapis.com
to get translations. More information

@Atom_Developer I guess is using another method.

DevYB’s Extension :

My Extension :
It Uses Different Way Provided By Google Which Don’t Blocks IP.

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Ok thanks,

but what does this mean?