[Free] In App Review Extension

[Free] In App Review Simple Extension

The Google Play In-App Review API lets you prompt users to submit Play Store ratings and reviews without the inconvenience of leaving your app.

Image source: Google Play In-App Reviews API  |  Android Developers


Initialize in app review with flow


If user didn't review your app yet then it automatically flow In App Review feature. If user already review your app then it call InAppReviewCompleted event.

Review complete event


This event get multiple activity

  • Is review complete
  • Is flow closed
  • Is review canceled

Review flow failed event


This event trigger when In App Review initialize failed

Extension Info

icon Extension Name: InAppReview
AIX: com.errorx.inappreview.aix (494.4 KB)
Version: 1.0.3 Summer
last update: 20 March 2024
Library Version: :google_play: 1.10.3


Alright of extension development credit goes to @Error-X & special Thanks @rasi_tech for his secret extension development recipe. Also thanks @Shreyash for his super Rush


Keep up the nice extension

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Hi @Error-X, welcome to Kodular community.
Also welcome to extension development.


Is this extension still working?

I tested in a published app on play store, nothing happens on requesting review.