[Free] IntroZ - Create Circle Revealed Splash Screen

Hey Everyone,
Here is my new extension that you can use to create Revealing animation splash for you app and very easily.


There are total two blocks only have discussed below -

Register -

This block can be used to set the arrangement for intro and arrangement where to end the animation.

Close Intro

This block can be used when you want to start the animation to close the intro…



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Thanks You :heart:


Cool extension. I will use it.thanks for your contribution. Keep it up man

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Great extension :+1:

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Can you provide a another download link? i am trying to download via telegram but telegram is giving a error when i try to create a account.

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:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:You have mastered in layout extensions,Awesome :+1:
Definitely going to use in my next project.

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Nice extension and Great work :+1:

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Since you offer a free aia/aix please upload a link to community . Youtube leads to telegram. I temporarily unlist your topic until you edit it


i have added google drive link in youtube video description

Why won’t you upload directly to the community ?

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as i haven’t given the any guide or example here.

Added in the community too

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Hey Thanks Man For This … Really GreaT… :heart_eyes:

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Link is updated in community and youtube video as well

Beautiful Extension :heart:

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Its not working plzz help

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Would you like to show your blocks?

Here is the blocks

Hey plzz help

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