[FREE] KevinkunAirtable extension

This extension is awesome thank you so much
This extension also support send text to airtable in language (hindi,urdu,marathi like almost all)
I tested its work perfert



Thanks you for your test and feed back. How about the speed compare to the build-in one?

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Good job! Thanks for your contribution.

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:+1: :ok_hand: :+1:
Say, I want to sort all the list with a particular word…we call it tag/categories in blogging…is it possible?

It would be a great extension if,

  1. Loading speed is good
  2. A video demo for all features of the extension (showing how it works)
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Can you please provide an aia file

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Do you want to get the records with one column containing some special word? use this as filter: FIND(“kevin”,name)>0

For speed, the select and insert shout be fast than update and delete.

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demo aia uploaded at end of first post.

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Thanks for your feedback.
This is a small bug: You can not use space in the string value when update or delete
For now please use this to avoid this error:

Maybe fix this bug next release


Does this increase the speed of loading data from airtable ???

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no. This use same api with build in component.

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1.bug fixed.
In the formula, for value with space pls use " and " to quote them, for example: name to "Melqui Castro Isaza"
2. Add UpdateById and DeleteById method.
3. Add FetchIdAndTime property.

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Great work Thanks

Great extension!

I made this manually using WEB component…
However, the WEB component does not have the PATCH method

Coming in the next App Inventor release :slight_smile:


Patch, only change the column you specified.

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Can you please PM me ?

Pm what???

Click here to download both aix and aia,if needed…

Please pm me i want to talk something other thing