[FREE] Manifest Extension : Add manifest elements to your app manifest (Generator)

This will allow you to to add manifest elements to your app manifest :yum:

This will not be possible inside extension with blocks directly so i have written a script to generate extension according to given element.

Thanks to @chaimk For Sponsoring This Project!

How to Use

Go to the generator : https://atomdeveloper.com/manifestgenerator.html
Add elements you want to add to the manifest in the text box :
For example : <meta-data android:name="android.webkit.WebView.EnableSafeBrowsing" android:value="true" /> Source


Then Click Download Extension Button :


You will get the extension, use it in your app and that element will be successfully added to It.

Make sure you add right elements in it, writing wrong elements may let app not work. Also it can just add elements, you can not edit the already present content with it.

If you find any problem, please inform me :grin:


You might want to look into your script buddy.

manifestgenerator.html:6 Uncaught TypeError: elem.replaceAll is not a function
at generateAix (manifestgenerator.html:6)
at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (manifestgenerator.html:92)

Great idea anyway. well done

This extension generator is gonna be the game changer for Kodular community(and all other App Inventor Platforms). :fire: :fire: :fire:

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Sorry… :sweat_smile:I changed something just now which broke it…
Now fixed. :yum:

Thanks a lot!

Still not working buddy.

manifestgenerator.html:15 Uncaught TypeError: elem.replaceAll is not a function
at generateAix (manifestgenerator.html:15)
at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (manifestgenerator.html:101)

Now the error is from another line

Which browser are you using?
It is tested in edge and chrome :sweat_smile:

Chrome on Linux

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Would you like to try now please? I have removed that and tried an alternative as it was a new method.

Working now. Thanks

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What’s About It

Just A warning by google chrome that this file is not commonly downloaded…and may be dangerous…(Don’t know why)…maybe because .aix file is not a recognized file
But it is not :grimacing:, you may try.
Just click “Keep” button…


I don’t get that message

Great ! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Nice extension, it would be really useful for users who want to modify their app Manifest without decompiling it :+1:
I’ve got some questions to ask about it :thinking:
Could we specify the level the manifest code we entered would be combined in, for example, I tried to add uses-permissions tag, it got added but in the application tag, however, it should be added directly to the manifest tag as far as I know.
Also, can we add elements to tags that already exists, or modify an element, I think it would be very helpful.
Could we include multiple tags to the manifest? I’ve tried to add two services tags , but got an error when importing the Extension :confused:
P.S: I’ve changed your category to #extensions only, as the #extensions:extensions-ide is for discussion about kodular extension IDE :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks a lot! :grin:

:thinking: hmm,i can surely think of these improvements.

I had thought of it but not yet possible and will surely update if ever possible.

Can you show and example what did you did :sweat_smile:
If you are using two tags…use it like

<meta-data android:name="android.webkit.WebView.EnableSafeBrowsing" android:value="true" />   <meta-data android:name="tag2" android:value="true" />

Sorry…it was just a mistake :sweat:


Amazing :star_struck: extension

it seems that I shouldn’t add them in two different lines :sweat: When I did something like the code you shown it worked for me :grin:

You are welcome :smile:

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We are making crazy stuff, love working with u @Atom_Developer , its always fun sponsoring crazy ideas , Your are number 1! :sunglasses:

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Thanks a lot :yum:.

Can this help run background app? I basically don’t have any idea :sweat_smile:

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