[FREE] My new Extension RangeSlider

if u like my work so pls …



Nice extension


This is really great thanks! I will try donate :grinning:
A question though, are you update the extension to make the large thumb circle to a different/separate color from the left AND right lines.
Also, to have “When Slider Moves” Event which triggers on each Slot?
But thanks anyway :grinning:

Is there a way to update the slider to show a different range? I was going to use it for a mix rate calculator (the slider will be to indicate the number of gallons of water they are mixing with other chemicals) and different machines that we use have different max gallons.

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Request : Also create vertical range Slider or also create property enable or disable click slider , we want to use it in live status train app.

Kudular also have one komponent i dhink

it not work with vertical arrangement at present.