[Free/OS] DevX System Info Extension

:star2: Extension Name: DevXSystemInfo :star2:

:earth_africa: Released on: 2024-06-10T07:55:00Z

:gear: Latest Version: 1.0

DevXSystemInfo is a powerful extension by DevX Labs, designed to provide essential system information for your Kodular applications. It enables you to retrieve various details about the device’s operating system, hardware, and storage.



DevXSystemInfo provides a comprehensive set of blocks to retrieve system information:

System Information:

  • GetOSVersion: Retrieves the current Android OS version.
  • GetDeviceModel: Fetches the device model name.
  • GetManufacturer: Obtains the device manufacturer name.
  • GetHardware: Gets the device’s hardware information.
  • GetSerial: Accesses the device’s serial number.
  • GetAPILevel: Retrieves the device’s Android API level.
  • GetTotalInternalStorage: Gets the total internal storage in bytes.
  • GetAvailableInternalStorage: Retrieves the available internal storage in bytes.


  • OS Version: Retrieve the current Android OS version.
  • Device Model: Get the device model name.
  • Manufacturer: Fetch the device manufacturer name.
  • Hardware: Obtain hardware information of the device.
  • Serial Number: Access the device’s serial number.
  • API Level: Get the Android API level of the device.
  • Internal Storage: Get total and available internal storage in bytes.

Get Started:

:point_right: Download Extension: DevXSystemInfo.aix (6.1 KB)


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Was it my imagination, or have I seen it all somewhere before? :slight_smile: I just didn’t get it. and why do functions that return results still need to make a duplicate event with the same results? maybe I don’t understand something…

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Thanks for your Feedback.
Now it is updated.