[Free/OS] FallingView || A Simple shapes fall effect extension

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I don’t get it, why not just release the dependencies used with your source? Why link them separately?

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Sorry for that, because i don’t have time so i make it open source

Technically speaking, you are in violation of the APACHE license for the “Bling” library. Your source code must also be under the APACHE license, since your source code also includes the source of the library.

Or, you can include the library under the “deps” directory and remove the source code of “Bling” from your source, while continuing to use the existing MIT license your code is under.

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Although I do not know what is the use of it, but if you access [os] files, you will find that it is written all about the owner of the library

That doesn’t matter, the source code is under the APACHE license. The APACHE license states that the license shall carry over to works that include it, therefore your code is to be under the same license unless you only upload the JAR.

There’s no negotiating, as this can cause problems legality wise. It’s best to be safe, than sorry.

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Does this still work? I added the extension but it just says “bound must be positive” when I try to load it.

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