[FREE/OS] Repositioning Tools extension

@Mohamed_Tamer, you made a very good extension.

Documentation is really nice. It provides each and every detail about your extension.

Hat’s off to your extensive work.


Can you add a new block to your extension.

Please add a set component position.
Where we can set the component position.


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Well done! Very useful extension. Btw is it possible to make a component draggable inside a specific layout?

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great extension​:+1: @Mohamed_Tamer

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Congratulations !!! @Mohamed_Tamer

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Thanks very much @Quicky_Superglad @techVsurya @Zia_Choudhary @WatermelonIce @Automate_My_Project @AryanGupta @Aditya_Singh @ammar5287 @Rogerio_Rios and any one who liked the extension :heart:

You can easily achive that with my Component tools extension it have the option to set x,y and z position.You can give it a try!

Good idea :+1:Btwm should i make it with a specific layout or add the ability to set max/min x and y positions, so it can be more customized :wink:

Yes i’ve made it especially, for animations :wink:


I am using this extension but when i drag a image so it is move behind a arrangement image component doesn’t overlap on it

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Can you show me your design and tell me what component you have registered?

Nice Extension. :+1:

As it is in an arrangement when I drag it
It is only moving in the arrangement
@Mohamed_Tamer You should do something like Drag and drop extension
So it can be dragged anywhere on screen

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Thanks very much @sonumohammad333 :heart:

Good idea :+1:I may add a parameter for this. but that means the component will be removed from the layout.That’s okay?

Also add another parameter
hideComponent : boolean

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It is not working with Card View properly
Can only drag from sides of Card.


I think you combined features of Component tools extension and Animation utils component. :grin:

No :grin:This one doesn’t belong to the component tools extension code or the animation utils.The animation utils maybe act like my move horizontally and vertically but don’t have something to do with this extension.BTW, if it was like my component tools extension i would merge them together, but it’s not :wink:

I will take a look at this.I’ve just found something useful.It may wrong.

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BTW, i’ve not understand this.What should it make exactly?

As you said

You can add a parameter. so that we can select to hide/show component while dragging

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It would work if it gets dragged only inside a layout as we can set height width of the arrangement easily. There should also be an event for pinching in and out so that the component gets resized and the extension will be all ready :grin:

Also I found a bug today when I was testing, I registered Button component for dragging, it was not clickable when I dragged it.

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That what happens already :wink: try adding a component in a layout and you will find that you can’t move it out of layout.It will just dissappear. If you moved it out

Yes i was thinking about that as well.i will give it a try :wink:

Thanks for reporting :+1: i’ve located and fixed the problem.I expect to release a new update today, with a new blocks and bug fixes

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Yes but it shouldn’t be disappeared, it should get stucked there. Also you can add an extra option in the blocks to make the component go out of the layout or should be dragged only till the edge of the layout.

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max and min would be great !

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