[FREE/OS] Repositioning Tools extension

That what happens already :wink: try adding a component in a layout and you will find that you can’t move it out of layout.It will just dissappear. If you moved it out

Yes i was thinking about that as well.i will give it a try :wink:

Thanks for reporting :+1: i’ve located and fixed the problem.I expect to release a new update today, with a new blocks and bug fixes

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Yes but it shouldn’t be disappeared, it should get stucked there. Also you can add an extra option in the blocks to make the component go out of the layout or should be dragged only till the edge of the layout.

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max and min would be great !

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Thanks very much.Will be added in the next update with another new features :wink:

Nice extension @Mohamed_Tamer!! :ok_hand:t2: :smiley:

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you are amazing thank you so much for this :star_struck:

only one thing and I see other people pointed that out for you, it’s just if you can make it so that the component only moves to one side like only to the left or only down… you can’t imagen the amount of animations and transitions that I’m thinking of right now :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thanks very much @broekmancompany :grin:

Thanks very much @Baraa_Awwad :heart_eyes:

That what both the vertical and horizontal parameters do.They determine if you would like the component only to move horizontally or vertically or both horizontally and vertically.From the documnetation:

Great extension. I am anxious to use it when I update a certain app.
I did never even missed that functionality, but now I know it exists I can’t imagine my app without it anymore

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It Alway Makes Me Happy To See Your Work

Unlimited Thanks To You

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Thanks very much @almeidapablo :smiley:

Thanks very much @Srrazmi :heart_eyes:

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The above used are cardviews or normal arrangements having isCard property true?

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Normal dynamic arrangements but the look exactly like card views :sweat_smile:

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I am not forcing you, but can you tell the approx time of the update that will fix the issue with cardviews?

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One more question, can you provide an example of using your extension with dynamic component extension?

The blocks for above usage example video will also be fine if it is using dynamic component extension ofcourse… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m now experimenting now.The most hard problems i have is that:

  • i don’t know what is the source of the card view.That’s making it some more
  • All the world is using the same method i use :sweat_smile:.And it’s really working .But not for the card view :roll_eyes: .So i’m working to fix it now.

I will post it now :wink:

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Here is the sample blocks for swipe to remove list view.It needs a block from the next update to be improved.That why i didn’t post it:
I’ve used @themaayur simple list view with icon blocks

Anf for creating and registering:

And for removing on drag:


Which block are you talking about?

And Thank you so much for the blocks. They will help alot. And best of luck :+1: for the future update. Waiting for it :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is a new event that will allow me to add new features.

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m trying my best to fix it :wink:

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no no… I meant only to left (or) right, up (or) down

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Yes.So this one will help you.And it will be more customized as well: