⭕ [FREE/PAID] [1.1] Circle Menu Extension : Add Circular Menu to your app [Orientation Error Fix]

Version 1.1 [ Orientation Error Fix ]

After a long time I am here with a new update for the [ PAID ] version of this extension. The fix update for the [ FREE ] version will come soon as there are some fixes required.

Important :warning:

The **FREE** version of this extension will be **discontinued** after **1.1** update

About Update

This update contains a bug fix which caused error when we changed the screen orientation. So I came up with a solution which I will tell further.

How to fix?

In order to fix the bug you have to update your extension to 1.1 update. After that you need to use procedure block to make circle menu.

Now… Add the Screen Orientation Changed Event to blocks section and run the procedure from there as shown below:-

Where create_menu is the procedure to create the circular menu.

To buy, DM me :slight_smile:

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