[FREE/PAID API] Advance Google SpreadSheet Extension with SQL Query

sort by Time Column in Descending Order: B DESC

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On column A there are many accounts, how to call the data of the whole row of that account to create history.

Try this Query

  1. SELECT * WHERE A = โ€˜[email protected]โ€™
  2. SELECT * WHERE A = โ€˜[email protected]โ€™ ORDER BY B DESC LIMIT 10

Impossible to download Admin App. Google Drive gives error message.
โ€œWe are sorry. You cannot access this document because it does not comply with our Terms of Service.โ€

GoogleSheet(1).apk (7.4 MB)

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Itโ€™s been a while since I bought your extension and tested it a little, but now with more time to test Iโ€™ve noticed that your extension saves a lot of blocks compared to other similar extensions!
The block for deleting rows by keyword in columns is fantastic!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent support every time I needed it! :heart: