[Free] Rapid Api extension for get and post method

Version 2
This extension made for Rapid Apis for both method Get method and Post method.
It is able to parse json data which is comes from got data event and got post data event. Parse json function gives the (true) value when json parse successfully else it gives (false) value. so you can modify the blocks as your requirements.

Extension blocks:-

Example blocks:-

For get method.

For Post Method.

How to set additional header:-
If you leave it empty (empty string check above get method and post method blocks) so it will work with default value content-type : application/json



Tutorial Video’s:-

aix file:-
Version 2:-
SatwikRapidApi.aix (475.7 KB)

Version 3:-
RapidApi.aix (475.8 KB)

Special thanks.
@Xoma @Akshat_Rana @vknow360

Thank you so much for helping me while building this extension.
If you encounter any error feel free for get help here.
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Thank you for your contribution
Please provide Kodular blocks, so we can see, rhat the extension also works in Kodular
And folllow the naming conventions

ParseJSON → ParseJson
JSONString → jsonString



Thank you @Taifun Now I changed the block.

and updated the aix.And yes this extension works with both builder Kodular and Niotron blocks are same for both builders.

Thank you.

I’ve unlisted the topic, please upload Kodular blocks and let me make it listed again.

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Extension Updated,for this block.

I found error this block not giving value from parsed JsonObject so I updated it now it is working with both array (return value from index 0) If json data is not containing any index then this works withJsonObject
In old extension this block Is only excepting JsonArray but now it also supports to Jsonobject.

In first post extension file is also updated.

Changed All Blocks Naming.

Aix file
Version 3:-
RapidApi.aix (475.8 KB)