[FREE] Shimmer View - An extension for applying shimmer effect on any view component wit many customisation

hello everyone, is there a way to create a shimmer effect?, I’ve searched the community and it’s indeed something that talks about shimmer but nothing works and it doesn’t go my way

from the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps

Shimmer Layout Extension by Aarush_Kumar
Shimmer TextView Extension by Sumit1334
Shimmer View Extension by Sumit1334

you might want to try something and if you get issues, post a screenshot of your relevant blocks


I’ve tried the extension of the summit after the block stop doesn’t work at all, or did I use the block incorrectly?

will it create any problem like Google Playstore Policy violation if I upload my app in playstore with this extension?

Why do you think so? I never heard such type of thing. You may try it own. AFAIK, there is nothing special in this extension for violating the google play policies. There are many apps already on google play that uses Facebook shimmer library.

I asked this bcoz once I used an extension in one of my app which allows users to send a pre-addressed message through their default email app but when I uploaded my app with this extension in playstore it was found to be violating Google’s policy, idk what was wrong with this extension as there was nothing that violates the policy thats why I asked this question just to get sure about this extension that it is safe to use. Thanks for the reply!