[FREE] SocketIO Client Extension with All Features

This is an extension for connection to a socket server using Kodular Apps for making great and awesome apps with real-time communications and many other features based on your creativity.


Calls When the connection failed

component_event (1)

Call to listen on the events

component_event (2)

Calls when the server disconnects to client

component_event (3)

Calls when the server connects to client


calls to disconnect from the server

component_method (1)

call to emit events

component_method (2)

Call to get list data by index

component_method (3)

call to subscribe events

component_method (4)

Call to connect with socket server


Socket URL

Enter your socket server url at the place “http://example.com

Chat App Preview


Download it and set up your SocketIO server and get started with your amazing ideas. I just want to say one important thing that you also have to have basic programming knowledge so you can set up your own Socket server because any code for the socket will not work for your idea.

One more thing soon the code will be open source and I have one request to @Kodular if it looks interesting to all of you please add this extension in the main kodular components. It will be a game-changing component for real-time communication.

Dear Community, If you all want this extension as an official Kodular component please vote.

Now it’s completely free.

com.vkpdeveloper.VKPSocketIO.aix.zip (1.1 MB)


Hi @vkpdeveloper
You should follow the naming conventions.
Also personal info is not allowed to post here.
Let users pm you if they want to buy.

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RS 200
200 USD :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And Remove Your Phone Number.
Personal Details Providing Publicly is Not Allowed in Community.
Anyone Who Want’s To Buy Can PM you.

200 RS. Sorry I have done the editing.

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Unfortunately that is not possible

So he/she will have to ask you to PM him/her.

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click on telegram link from the main post to connect with me.

Please follow the naming conventions, which is UpperCamelCase for property, method and event names (i.e. the first letter should be a capital letter) and lowerCamelCase for parameter names, no underscores .



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Why dont you provide testing apk??

If you want to test it then you can message me at telegram
using vkpdeveloper handler ok.

Hello @vkpdeveloper,

Is there a specific reason this extension is paid? Other than “time” and possibly “resources”.

Hey Dear, I think it’s time to give it for free.

I am going to update the post soon.


Can anyone make a guide how to setup socket.io and connect it with kodular chat view step by step ?

Hello,Can we create rooms with this extension or do all devices receive the sent messages?

i understood every block except subscribe event

what does it do

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Can i modify URL from variable string?

How to make a socket url ??? Is there some code i sud upload in my web server…??