[FREE] SuperDownloader Extension (M3U AND OTHERS FILES)

SuperDownloader Extension

Introducing the SuperDownloader Extension, a versatile tool that empowers you to seamlessly integrate advanced file download capabilities into your Android applications. This extension offers a feature-rich download experience, allowing you to retrieve files from the web efficiently. Whether you need to download large files, read M3U playlists, or check internet connectivity, the SuperDownloader Extension has you covered.


With the SuperDownloader Extension, you can:

  • Download Files: Download files from specified URLs and save them to a designated path.
  • Read M3U Files: Asynchronously read M3U files and create lists of URLs with group titles.
  • Cancel Downloads: Provide the ability to cancel ongoing download processes.
  • Check Internet Connectivity: Determine whether the device is currently connected to the internet.
  • Set Custom Headers: Customize HTTP headers for download requests.
  • Set Maximum Download Speed: Define the maximum download speed in bytes per second.
  • Set Download Directory: Configure the path for storing downloaded files.


The SuperDownloader Extension offers a range of blocks to facilitate the integration of advanced download features into your app. Here are some key blocks:


You can obtain the SuperDownloader Extension AIX file here (V 1.3):
io.superdownloader.aix (17.8 KB).

Your support is highly appreciated. If you find this extension valuable and would like to contribute to its development, you can make a donation here.

Example Project

Explore the capabilities of the SuperDownloader Extension by downloading the example AIA file:
SuperDownloaderExample.aia (12.1 KB).

Hello fellow developers,

Feel free to review the code, make improvements, fix any issues, or extend its functionality. Your contributions and feedback are highly valuable.

You can find the SuperDownloader.java file at this
SuperDownloader.java (11.5 KB).

Let’s work together to create a top-notch file download extension for the developer community. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our community on Telegram.


Hi First of all congratulations for the excellent extension

Apparently your extension seems to be the only one capable of downloading an APK from Google Drive in the correct format

Having said that, I wanted to ask you if it was possible to download the PK to the internal memory of the phone so that the user does not find it in the download and then delete it

I’m writing with a translator so I hope everything is correct
Thank you. I await your response

Thanks! Yes, just specify the path in savePath

• Is this extension work with below the android version 13?
• Read and write permission required?

You must inform the permissions. See the example in the AIA file