[FREE] V2 Updated Countdown Timer Extension - An Extension to perform countdown in app

I also trying to learn Extention development. Can u share source code with us?

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There are many open source extension also i have published two open source extension why you does not visit them and search on community there are many extensions with their java

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But i wanted source code of this one.

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Sorry I cant give you

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Use this very simple block to get online clock.

It needs 3 label, 1 web component and clock

Use this url in web component
>>Current Local Time in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India<< (you can chnge your city name here)

Thats all… You wilk get online time without problem

3rd label will get the timeIMG_20210112_191212

After India you can add your city name



you forgot to tell us the Url you are using for that example…


I added the url but it turn into a hyperlink, even i added * also >> symbols but doesnt work.

Pls click on the url and copy it from the addres bar Dear Taifun…

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I fixed it for you…
and next time use the preformatted text option
preformated text


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You can get all continent with their timezones from this link


Extension updated Now you can get time of any timezone
Thanks you for using my extension
Before uploading the new one please delete the older extension because I have changed the package now


nice extension :ok_hand:t2:
in latest version, there is no such block named Got_Countdown
then how to show countdown working in a label? like this

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Now get countdown method block is returnable so it return the yaillist of time

can you please explain this? :sweat_smile:
we can still compare the time right? and can also show a live countdown?

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Great Extension @Sumit1334
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The list of countdown time that returns by got countdown block now it is removed and it is returned in get countdown block

Check this block

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yes but it just give us the remaining time and the values doesn’t change, maybe I doing something wrong here
this is how I am using it

Also this method gives me error if the time which I want to compare is already finished

EDIT: oh I get it now, we have to get the time again and again using a clock to make it work like a countdown, right?
If that’s the case then, I think this is not a good thing to do, bcoz if we disconnect the internet then the countdown will be stopped or will give error

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You should compare the time on screen initialise with offline time if it is equal then you must use offline time by clock for countdown timer

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Version 3 Block Added

New Block


This block return true if automatic time of the device is enabled
With this block you can check if it is true then you can do the countdown with offline time

Kindly update the extension for best work in your app
Thank you


Nice update.

Hey buddy
Can you please share the pic of use of new extension .
Its very important to me. Please share ASAP.ITS A REQUEST

Please do not use caps, no need to shout ! Also the developer already provided blocks and test aia in the beginning of this topic