[Free] Video Compressor Extension - Compress Video With Different Qualities (2.1.4)

[Free] Video Compressor Extension - Compress Video With Different Qualities (2.1.4)

Hello guys, using this extension you can compress any video file to smaller size.

Total Blocks
One function, four events and four properties available on this time.

Using this block you can compress any video file.

Set video quality using this properties block.

Rises when video compressing started.

Rises when video is compressing.

  • percentIt’s return the percent of progress.
  • compressTimeIt’s return the second of compress time.

Rises when video compress completed.

  • pathIt’s return the compressed file path.
  • sizeIt’s return the size of compressed file.
  • compressTimeIt’s return the second of compress time.

Rises when got any error.

  • errorIt’s return the error message.

I hope you’ll enjoy this extension.

If any error faced, feel free to knock me.
To get my social contact information just click on my name

Extension Specification

yo.Jewel.VideoCompressor.aix (817.8 KB)
Version: 2.1.4
Last amendment: 14 Jun 2021


Well nice

very nice extension,
many many thanks,

A lot of love for you from my heart :revolving_hearts:

এ আই এ ফাইল টা দিবেন ভাই

Welcome to our community. As you should know, the officla language here is English. So, please translate your post.

the video is compressed in the emulator, but it cannot be compressed in the compiled apk file. what is the error?

You didn’t give the needed write permission.

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This is not a solution. does not work

Come on. Don"t act like a newbie.1. No need to quote yourself.
2. The permission name is WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE. All capitals. No need to ask for READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
3. You didn’t tell your android version. You probably know that android 11 needs other procedures in file structure.
4.maybe this extension needs also to be fixed via Recast.
I gave you the hints. So it is up to you to search for details.


I tried and so WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, tried and so READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, does not compress the video in the compiled apk.

version android 10. it’s not android’s fault as the video is compressed in the emulator

When one is asked, both can be granted.

You also didn’t at all answer the questions in @Django_s_Android_App reply at the time of this reply.

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what questions did I not answer?

As far as I know when asking for WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and granted also the READ permission will be granted . Maybe you didn’t understood my post.

now everything worked, thanks