[FREE]WaveAudioTools extension v2

This extensions let you mix or combine 2 wave audiofiles in different ways:

Now you can create karaoke-like-apps, mix tracks together or combine them, create long wavefiles from short loops (e.g. drumtracks) as a backline.


  • added “Trim” method to let you cut a wavefle

**Important:**The files must be of same format, 16Bit/44100/stereo or
16Bit/44100/mono wave format. You will notice a slight "click or “swoop” at the seams of the combined files. I am still working on how to smooth that.
(Maybe someone like to assist me here)

com.django.waveaudiotools.aix (16,9 KB)


Nice work Keep it up


fantastic, you dont have a example aia?

I think the blocks are easy to understand. Just try !

its possible use whit mp3 files?

No,this is only for wav files.

Great work Congrats.