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Can I get the list from the text of textbox that is related in youtube

Means I want related list item that is texted in textbox

In this i have search for kodular and I got relative videos from youtube that are related to kodular I want to add textbox and get some relatively suggestions in list form ?
Is it possible?

Is this possible

Did anyone know how to use this extension because Henry is having his exams. Can anyone help ?

Hey I just now found that youtube uses AJAX so it’s not possible to scrape using this extension. This extension uses HTML parser so Javascript and AJAX are not supported…


Is it safe to use this extension to publish on Playstore?

yes it is !

really safe?

what you mean by safe?

because I found an this article

How do I get several with a single extension?
I needed 7 extensions to extract what I wanted.


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why not use any component blocks

get text elements
get attribute elements not working
“gnu.mapping.SimpleSymbol cannot be cast to org.jsoup.nodes.Element”

Everything is working fine.

He has made everything crystal clear his aia, so please download the Sample aia given in the post above and try to understand all of blocks one by one with the same website that he has used in it as example.

Once you get the fundamentals done, you can easily implement this in your app idea. :slight_smile:

Gautam Verma

author, can you improve the extension? what could clean up Javascript and AJAX sites? I am willing to pay for your work.

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I think you should put a screenshot of the blocks.

Extention is not working properly nowadays. The first few calls did not work. after 5-6 calls it starts working.

How to find CSS selector for this website https://fileinfo.com/ because I did not find it anywhere?

why is your extension better? what can he do what this extension cannot?