From early in the morning firbase signup and login is not working

i am using my application from 2 day was going perfect but from today early in the morning i cant login through my exported application and also cant through online companion test

May be you have changed something in blocks…
You must share your blocks… So that we can help you…

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i didnt change anything

Then you must check you APIs and firebase account… May be there is problem

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i have checked but still cant find problem

You’ve probably reached the limit of the free plan.

Something similar happened to me with the firebase database and it was because it had made too many requests.

Firebase authentication does not work in companion

The only reason is that there is the limit of every ip address. They stop services for particular ip if they they use the authentication too many times … Wait 24 hours. It will work again

By default it is 100 per hour. You can change it from firebase.

For every new ip not for same ip…

Thanks I already face that issue & search about it…
There I know that

Okay waiting for 24 hours hope it will work

I have also changed the signup qouta but still facing same problem.

If this is not the problem then something is wrong with your blocks.

Show your blocks and relevant info from firebase

You got the problem from authentication Or for firebase

signup process is not proceeding that i can get value at firebase so not opening login screen

Send preview of your database…

it goes blank

Create Vision project bucket and inside it create any tag with value…

yah to pahle se creat kia hua hai