Full size off images?

What should be full image size ?
Use for application front screen.

This is called icon

Icon size is 500x500 or 512x512

Not icon size
I need image size

Please elaborate more you mean for the splash screen?
Then you can use any size you want.If you want to fill the screen set the width and hieght to full parent and set scale picture to fit property to true.

It’s impossible to know that, because Android devices have many sizes. I always use an SVG in a web-view, with relative scaling. This means that individual parts can be scaled. A simpler but less versatile method is the Fill parent size.

What should be image size
For fully fill in mobile screen

Just set image size to full parent and set scale picture to fit to true:

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Warning: Setting scale picture to fit can cause stretching. A better way would be to set your app’s background color to the image background color.

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Of course i know :+1: but without setting the image scale to fit to true image may not fill the mobile screen.
Only a problem in setting the app screen background to the image background that this will work only if the image background color was a solid color

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It takes up as much space as it can. You can set the background color of the screen to the image background color if there aren’t any complex gradients. Or, use a web view with some CSS and an <img> tag that has a data: URL as a source.

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Ohk I understood.


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