Fully Dynaimc Status Video App | Features Loaded | Makeroid Aia + App + php Admin panel

Hi Makers,

Here i have successfully developed a Fully Dynamic and feature Loaded Video Status Android App with help of Makeroid. Along with that i had used some Backend Admin Panel to Upload Videos and Manage Categories.

:boom: Features of the App :boom:

  1. Admob Ready
  2. Php Backend (Admin Panel)
  3. Popular Videos Page
  4. Search Videos
  5. Settings Page
  6. Privacy Policy Added
  7. Video View Count System
  8. Downloads Count System
  9. Download videos
  10. Share Videos to Social Media
  11. Videos Downloaded to a Specific folder created by App!
  12. Onesignal Notification
  13. Faster Image Loading with Placeholder ( Used GridCardView Extension)
  14. Images Stored in Cache Memory
  15. Manage Category from Admin Panel
  16. Firebase Analytics or Facebook Analytics (Optional)
  17. SideMenu / Navigation Bar Added

Special Thanks to :

  1. @LukeGackle for Json Tools Extension.
  2. @CollinTree for AsyncImageLoader Extension.
  3. @Taifun for Taifun Files and Taifun Sharing Extension. :heart_eyes:
  4. @Kus_Zab for GridCardView Extension. :heart_eyes:

Requirements for The Aia :boom:

  1. A Paid Hosting With CPanel.
  2. GridCardView Extension (You may need to buy the Extension seprately from @Kus_Zab if u buy Aia )

Take a Demo of The App! :boom:

For More Info. Watch This Videos :

@ILoveMakeroid its already mentioned their that you have to buy extension from @Kus_Zab and the extension is a license based extension so no one even if he have Aia file then even he can’t use the aia to export app . because it will have no license key!!

Could you please explain that what do you mean by this “Indian People”

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I removed all replies. Ilovemakeroid is not longer on the community by his own request.