FunlrnApi - API That can find prime number , get molar mass and etc

You Can Beta test my API. I will publish a guide with an app so that everyone can use it within somedays

Api Link :-

Example 1

Get details about the element<element_name>

Question :

Result :

{“AtomicMass”:22.99,“AtomicNumber”:11.0,“AtomicRadius”:“2.2”,“BoilingPoint”:“1156”,“Config”:"[Ne] 3s1",“Density”:“0.971”,“Discoverer”:“Davy”,“Electronegativity”:0.93,“Electrons”:11.0,“Element”:“Sodium”,“FirstIonization”:“5.1391”,“Group”:1.0,“Isotopes”:7.0,“MassNumber”:23.0,“MeltingPoint”:“371.15”,“Metal”:true,“Metalloid”:false,“Natural”:true,“Neutrons”:12.0,“Nonmetal”:false,“Period”:3.0,“Phase”:“solid”,“Protons”:11.0,“Radioactive”:false,“Shells”:3.0,“SpecificHeat”:“1.228”,“Symbol”:“Na”,“Type”:“Alkali Metal”,“Unnamed: 0”:10,“Valence”:1.0,“Year”:“1807”}

Example 2

Get details about the compound<compound_name>

Question :

Result :

{ formula : Na₁O₁H₁, Molar : 40.0}

Example 3

Get details about the number<int_input>

Question :

Result :

{"Is_It_Even":"false","Is_It_Prime":"false","List_of_factors":"1.0, 3.0, 7.0, 21.0"}

Supports GET till now after sometime I will add POST


Being as a chemistry teacher, i love your methodology of finding molar mass, chemical name with API


Really great work

{"formula" : N₂H₈S₁O₄, Molar :132.14}
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