GaloreSearch----SearchEngine in Kodular

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Galore Search

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I have seen that many people have been creating web browsers lately.But a web browser cannot be completely safe without a custom search engine.So here it is ----Galore search.
This is V1 .It is made to only show the working of the search engine.So I have not focused much on UI.But in V2 (will be released soon),there would be many more features and a better
UI.Please share your views about this app.

GALORE (1).apk (5.4 MB)

it would be great if you can post some screenshot !

Sure! I will try to do so.

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This cannot be called fully secure search engine. Yes, it is customized but still you are using bong’s search api so technically you are rellaying on Bing search engine


Yes, @AJOY_DAS its may be from Google Programmable search engine. Why not use the source code of DuckDuckGo available in the market.

BTW, Its so cool & interesting.


@Ariyan_AD I have tried both google cse and bing. But the engine used in this project is bing.

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Ooo! Really But it seems like GSE. Ok that’s not a problem

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It is GOOGLE CUSTOM SEARCH.I have done a few tweaks.

Sure! I will try that in V2

I have not used API method.Mine is a bit different at backend.And its Google Custom Search

WOW! It looks really similar. Good job @ATHARVA_SHARMA_ICSE

Yes, i also used google custom search engine to power search in some websites that I made. That does not need a api at all

I was thinking of one thing… Is it actually legal to copy a open source project’s code and open your own project?

CyanogenMod is best example.

That’s why they are open source.It means their resources are open for use

If it is open source, the idea is exactly that anyone can copy it and start his own project. That’s how App Inventor works, Firefox and Wordpress, for example.
That said, you must read the license created by the owner to avoid problems. The license may say that if you use that you can reuse that code but you must make some change before. Or may say that if you use the source code and made changes the resulting code must be open source too. Another usual condition in open source licenses is, they are free to use only if the project has no commercial purpose…

Yes! DuckDuckGo source code is Opensource. Its totally free. But Please make sure that you don’t use any kind of Onsite & Offsite analytics Like Google Analytics & Hotjar.

Even I had built a demo site using this Open source code ( But I have deleted this project 2 years ago ). Its simple & more customizable. You just need a good knowledge in React etc etc. You can even made your own private Internet search engine company without any efforts. Even Many popular Companies are doing that same.

As DuckDuckGo is secure & private but I am using StartPage:
It’s source code is also available in market. StartPage is the most private search engine I have ever found in my life. So You try this.

Ok sure.Thanks!

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Yes, Open Source projects are open to all. But all open source project doesn’t work the same way. You can fix bugs, add new features in every single open source project out there. But when it comes to reproducing them things get a little comlicated. It depends on the licensing of the project. Let me give you some examples:

  1. Open to be reproduced: The example of this type of Open Source projects can be App inventor or Chromium. Which anyone can edit and open private or closed source projects without paying the developer.
  2. Open but You HAVE to pay for licensing: The perfect example of this kind of open source project is Android itself. It is open source but when brands use it they have to pay Google for licensing purpose.
  3. Open But NOT REPRODUCABLE: One of my most favourite softwares Blender falls into this category. You can still add new features or fix bugs in these kind of open projects but you CANNOT remake it by using their code AT ANY COST. Even if you pay Blender Foundation.

So, I would prefer reading the licensing of any open source projects befor you open your own project using their code.

But before using duckduckgo’s source code, prefer reading this:

This is taken from official duckduckgo licensing statement available on GitHub. Here is also the link:
duckduckgo/LICENSE.txt at master · duckduckgo/duckduckgo · GitHub

I replied with this fairly large comment because I don’t want to get you in trouble of copyright violation or lawsuit.

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