Games! In Kodular

I am using kodular from one year for making apps
But now i want to try simple games
I have some questions
Q1- Are 3d games possible?

Q2-Which Component Do I Use And how for any type of game-eg-car race,run peter run​:rofl:

Q3-can we make games like SimCity,coc

Yes, they are. Last year a guy created an awesome 3d engine (as it seems). Never checked myself. Here is the link:

For 2d games, your go-to component should be Canvas. For 3d things, check the link I posted earlier. It needs arrangements.

You can make everything :sweat_smile:

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Arrangements?whhyyyyy howwww

Check the link I provided. Also,

me di una vueltas por Scene 3d, al parecer ya desaparecio el motor 3d…

Please write in English! It is the official community language.

Although I said Spanish will be after release. [FAKE]

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i tried a lot using scene 3D objects but unable to get it how to use it… :sneezing_face: :sneezing_face: