Generator Text does not work

I need help guys I’ve been trying to get my application to work all day.

I have almost 1 year without making apps.

I want to make a text generator.

I want to add whatever is inside the letra_box to the other labels.

I hope I am explaining myself

  • First, generating random integers from 1 to 1,000,000 isn’t going to work. What will is from 1 to 12 or just from 1 and then the length of the list named “text”.

  • Second, I recommend explaining more of what you want to do because your blocks do not just describe you wanting to add one textbox’s text to other labels.


All my blocks are wrong then?

Or demo change only the number 10000 to the length I want the text to be.

What I’m getting at now, is that you want to make a random text generator with a random amount of characters?

Change the index value from random 1 - 10000 to random 1 -12