Generic Discussion about Kodular Premium

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I think kodular is too early to become commercial platform, because in my experience there is still lot of bug, for example cannot change colour even if, can be solved by editting file and the webview bug is the most to be concern problem, last one for kodular premium user need profesional care, for example make a helpdesk contact which is supporting 24/7 hours to solved some reported problem. (just my opinion)


Please also add the app in the premium version of iPhone IOS export as an IPA file.
In this case, I am willing to buy the premium version.

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Where is new update time ove now on india

No update for Indians user​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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If you click over the date, appears the update date and time for your zonetime

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I have a Premium Account, I submited one project almost 2 moths ago and it never received such approval. For now, after became a Premium user I submited my project 3 days ago but I didn’it receive authorization to show ads by StartApp Banner. What can you all do to give this permission? What I need to do to receive this approval? Please help me in this situation.

For my actual project, I received this message:

Please, I need a help to solve this!

@Diego Could specify which components actually need approval to show ads. For me, being new, I don’t know exactly what they are. Can anyone help?

Google Ad Manager if distributing apps outside of PlayStore

As I tried to explain earlier
I have included a startapp banner in my project and every time I run the tests, I get this message that appears in the image.

According to the messages shared by the staff, I would not need permission to show ads in my app. However, this is not what is happening, because when I test the app in the Play Console, they showed me the same alerts that I had identified.

I would like more guidance on how to get permission to show banner ads in my project.

Thanks for your attention!

I suppose Kodular Premium isn’t rolled out yet.


As you mentionaed all ad components will be available in premium version, that means admob ad components too.
I had already subscribed for yearly subscriptions and today i can see my subscription started but i can’t see admob components ? @Diego

I only subscribed for premium version just because of admob ad components.

So please let me know that, i will get one in this subscription plan or not ?
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You have to add admob extension by yourself.

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Its working? can u test admob in ur project?

You have conformed information about that ?

Because kodular mentioned that all advertisements components will be available thats clearly indicates that admob ad components must also be included.

Secondly if you are true then it will be difficult to maintain latest SDK version, also there are many difficulties and trust issues if we import external ad components.

Please @Vishwas clear this issue we will get inbuilt admob components in premium version of or not ?

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Yes i tested the admob that i already had in my app project and it failed to build even i have premium version.

i have imported admob extension and it’s working only in test mode. let’s wait for the update. i hope there should be admob components. which is the only reason i upgraded to premium.

But when we will get to know they will be available or not ? The free trial already started and will end on 13.

as the kodular staff informed that it will be live on 11 july but i think it is not live yet.