Generic Discussion about Kodular Premium

And it’s happening only because they have not been opted for Ad Manager? What an observation you have! :sweat_smile:

When your pack gets expired, you’ll be restricted accessing the pro features again. How is it related to Admanager or Admob?! :sweat_smile:

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If you use ad extensions Kodular will not force you to update your app. So, you only need to buy it for 1 month.
Whereas if you use Ad Manager, they are forcing you to update your app with the help of progressive rate.

So overall what does this mean? You have to pay for a lifetime to continue the pro features.

Since I’m not subscribed to pro, I don’t have much knowledge about it. Therefore, the question popping in my mind is, what if I could not able to update my app upon pro expiration? Will it show any notice in user app?

If you are a premium user & using ad manager then you will have pay for lifetime(or when they update kodular).
Progessive Commission Rate :-

This rate increments when serving ads from an outdated Kodular Version. The more weeks that have passed since its deprecation, the higher the commission rate.

Live +3w +4w +12w +26w +52w
19% 22% 24% 29% 44% 59%

Eg: Lets say you have 100 users on your app, today your premium expired. According to this after 3 weeks, commission from users using previous version will be 22% & it will keep increasing. Even if you update your app on Day 1 of Kodular update, 100% users will not update within 3 weeks for different reason, so for commission from those users we will be more.

Because, you were a premium users, then there is a huge chance that you exceed free limit. Now, if you want to update your apps to maintain commission level then you will have to update your app and for that you will need premium(you can buy it for particular month & get away with this).

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Thanks for your clarification. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank You,

According to Me, this method of commission should be called regressive commission rate because the date your update gets published on Play Store it should mean that you are in compliance of latest kodular update(changes brought in new version such as SDK update or anything). But, you will have to keep paying high commission if users do not update soon.
I had been suggesting that if ads request starting coming from latest update then commission should be kept at minimum level but nothing happened on this.

Only 1 change happened, This update is not mandatory to avoid the Google Ad Manager progressive commission rate. *Last mandatory update was Kodular 1.5.6 Fenix . (Kodular Fenix 🔥🐦 - #9)

This is my one signal data.

App Version 67 is current one before 1.5B update. Around 8K update their app in 17 days.
App Version 58 is 1.4. release on 27 Apr, Even after 2 months around 46% users are still using version less than it. So, commission from these 25K users are more.
There are a lot of users using Kodular Version less than 1.4 i.e 1.3,1.2, commission from them is much more.
I tried my best to request them to update and commission from users before 27 Apr will be much more.
I’m using Play Update component plus constantly reminding users to update via push notification.

Best thing about Regressive Commission Rate
You can’t know about revenue coming from outdated versions. Because there is no way to find out. Kodular launched a feature in My Kodular like 2 Months Ago, it did not work even at time of launch & after two month it is still same.

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The rationale behind the progressive increase in commission is to encourage users to update the app. A new Kodular version means further support for the app, as well as better stability, so if we launch an update (like Target SDK), we want everyone to adopt it as soon as possible, that’s why it increases “so much”.


I understand this rationale but Play Store does not cause any issue or force users to update as soon as new update for respective app is available.
Updating app for end users in upon their own discretion, nobody force them apart from few crucial banking apps.

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@Diego why kodular can’t fix ads manager singup issue ?

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Can you mention few things that newer kodular version improved in terms of support & better stability? and How this change user experience & why users(end users) should update? If you let us know then we can pass the message & more people will update & my commission will reduce.


Adding to this, @Diego , Even mobile manufactures do not force users to update their device even for big update such as Android 10 to Android 11, those updates are big & definitely add value in terms of support & stablity such as better permissions features & UI.

I don’t want to say more because eventually my relation with you & kodular get sour whereas others users does not even care about this.


Kodular is no longer usable unless you pay them every month, on time. There is nothing left on a free plan.

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I’m a premium user and I don’t feel like I’m getting anything", even I can’t use ads for my apps that have been approved for monetization, it’s time to go from kodular

Hello, regarding the premium, it is very necessary if you add a free option for more than 5 extensions, because it is not enough, only the most basic extensions take up more than 5 … and also, 5 mb is nothing, and why not continue to keep the motto of “free forever” ?

Simply, I use it for free because I have no reason to upgrade because ads I do not use, and the Shai apps do not make me money, so I have no reason to pay for them, and I am not the only one who thinks like that, I know a lot.

I do agree with the idea of ​​the premium, but it is too exaggerated, in free there is almost nothing, it is impossible to do anything without more than 5 extensions, 5 md etc … the rest of the platforms give it for free!

I am offers to increase the option for free, and whoever needs ads / more apps will pay, but to really limit it is excessive.


Website editors prefer ad manager than adsense, that is, in theory, ad manager is better than admob, what may be causing a negative impact may be the low fill rate, which everyone is having, but if that change in a short time, what will happen is people migrating from admob to ad manager, but if fill rates improve which has not been happening, then if that takes time or doesn’t happen, then we will have to use admob extensions.

Good morning to all fellow kodular developers!
Sorry for my english!

So far what I’ve seen a dictatorship being applied, practically saying now is like this and that’s the end of it, if you want to stay and pay if you don’t want to leave.
a total lack of respect for those who made Kodular what it is today!
It is fair to have paid plans, but as long as it is fair because it is clear that there are those who use their projects to monetize but there are also students and those who do not simply develop projects to be distributed for free, in addition to those who are dedicated to developing extensions.

I myself develop a project that is not monetized, has several extensions and certainly exceeds 5 mb, it is not published on the play store and distributed within the institution where I work, I even think it’s fair to pay a plan, ‘different’, since my focus is not monetizing, but I need kodular to work and not screw up my projects every time I update.

So I think the point of no return has come, time to review some things!

recently the update caused a tremendous headache and hours and hours of rework for pretty much everyone, what I see now is that whoever chooses to stay, will pay to stress!

After all, just read the comments, even users flagged as premium are unhappy, this is an indicator that something is wrong!


Can anyone from the Kodular staffs or Community suggest to me any Reliable+No Comission Admob Extension for Premium users. I will purchase it.
That will help a lot and solve half of my problems in Kodular pro.

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nooooooooooooo dont do this

youre making kodular more bad cos of limits


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But why did some regular and good options come down because of the premium???

For example: Added a limit on file size that can be uploaded

I would be happy for an answer from you

Thank you

Besides kodoular it’s good