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paid stripe not work in Russian)) better make big commission,

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Please increase extension limit because some important extension not available in kodular like baserow,phase much more . All the developers import all the extension, I also using more than 7 extension. Extension limit is very bad for us. So,I requested to @Diego please increase limit.
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In my opinion, you should take these steps

1-Make the kodular bug-free and up-to-date.
2-Keep “forever free” motto to gain more users.
3-Put monetizing extensions as native with an acceptable commission (Ad manager, admod and all others…)
4-Start certification process for educators, give them internationally accepted licence to educate students about “drag’n drop app creating without coding.” You can earn money from these certificates.

If users earn money then you can earn money. No need to force all of them to buy subscription. You should widen the pool of users than create a suitable environment to put ads on their apps then take your comissions. Win-win situation.


I mean do not take extensions in premium keep it as free.


Maybe this way you will have the chance to get some special Premium-Bugs that standard users won’t. :wink:


We are already working with Google to enable Open Bidding with Google Ad Manager components. Around October, we expect to have Facebook Audience Network integrated with Google Ad Manager, and you will not have to sign up at Facebook at all (inventory will be available by default).

As said, if you use non-GAM components, you don’t need to apply for approval:

The idea is that you can pick what to use. If you want to use Google’s network, you don’t have to pay anything, as you have commission. If you don’t want to use Google’s network, you have the choice to pay a flat rate.

We will be monitoring the needs of different types of users after the Premium plan launches, so this can be easily changed.

Does PayPal still work in Russia, or also banned?

Already on it.


we are unable to PM you diego.

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Hi @Diego, Please consider Relaxations for Commissions progressive rate as it would be really stressful for the developers to update each month. Also the app’s user’s would also get frustrated.

Please team, also do something about progressive commissions. Its inconvenient updating all the apps monthly just to avoid commission increase, specially with the bugs. At least lengthen the time period.


We may consider only requiring updates for major releases, rather than for also bug fixes (to avoid increasing commission). We will let you know.


Thanks @Diego, We would really look forward to it!

All the best to the Kodular team for them to achieve futher milestones!


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I think a premium plan is a great idea and I think the price you set is also pretty fair. I wanted to point out that I currently have two Kodular accounts: one for my major projects and another for test projects. Because I will now have a limit on the second account (I bought the premium plan in the main account) I would love to be able to create folders so that the test and experiment projects did not create clutter.


As a student , i cant afford that much money to premium. And my apps does not earns more than 3.5 dollars per month :dotted_line_face:.
We cant even build a nice app with 5 exensions , So please increase it else , Bye kodular :wave:
May be my whole projects are gonna be ded


If I have now upgraded to Kodular Premium will the commission be removed from my existing applications without updating them?

We are considering possible discounts (or even free subscription) to students, please wait some time for a final decision.

You will have to update your apps.


I upgraded to premium. I hope my ad approval comes now.

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I spent weeks asking about the post off google play how it would be, but they never answered.

I can guess. gonna be end of Kodular era​:thinking::sweat_smile:


Please, I need paypal account for premium plan payment, international card is difficult. @Diego

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