Generic Discussion about Kodular Premium

We can subscribe to Premium, but Admob ads components must be added for Premium subscribers and there is special support - will this be available or what

I’ve come up with, what I like to think, are fairly reasonable prices and quotas. There are cons to all of them.

Free Freemium Premium
Cost $0.0 $1.75 $3.25
Advertising Advertising manager can be used, ext. not allowed. Approval is not fast-tracked. All built-in advertising components can be used with a 3.5% commission. Approval is medium-tracked, you’ll come after Premium users. All components can be used without a commission. Approval is fast-tracked.
Extensions Contingent on space after assets Contingent on space after assets 30
# of Projects 13 18 28
Size of Assets 5.0 MB (ext. not included) 7.5 MB (ext. not included) Contingent on available space after extensions
Size of Projects 20.0 MB 24.5 MB 32.0 MB

To be fair, Premium users are still limited, however the quotas are increased dramatically. Thoughts?


Dealing without credibility and a change in the basics is always not safe for anyone

We do not prevent anyone from profiting, but you must have credibility, and when you take for permission, you must provide a good service

Admob components will they become additives for use in Premiem

Please stop spamming the forum by posting the same query. You already have a topic here. Just wait patiently for a reply. It might take minutes, hours, or even days, but just hold tight and don’t spam.

Everyone wants to add Admob to a premium plan, adding it as a fixed component as it was before and not from a third party
Unfortunately, there is no explicit response to that.
Restore Admob as it was before with the addition of all the advantages of Admob and its ad formats, and most users will subscribe and I am the first of them. I will subscribe to the annual plan as soon as I add the Admob components

Why do you always want to stone my opinion?
Everyone wants to say their opinion, why is this method?

In @deanart2012’s defense, although they don’t need it, you are reposting the same things multiple times in the same topic.

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You have the right to your opinion, and the right to post it. I’m all in favour of that.

What I’m not in favour of is you, or anyone else, posting the same opinion in multiple topics. Post it once and wait for a response.


The topic does not require an explicit response from the Kudler administration, and I see that it is the only thing that has not been answered frankly
Many people want to convert to Premium as long as there are Admob components
This only requires a quick response

So do I. But we all need to be patient and wait to see what happens.

The activity increased on the kodular creator and the servers, and it enhanced the efficiency and speed of user work before reaching the end of the world (I mean to to 7/11/2022) :smiley: :joy:

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I am already paying 5 dollars or more every month by ad manager comission. I just say if you dont give same ad inventory to ad manager (freemium users) then you can not earn more like me. Is this clear enough? You dont say that you are going to add admob extensions natively, you say premium users can use monetizing extensions. Probably someone will come out and sell admob extension. We gonna pay for premium, we gonna pay for admob extension, we gonna pay comission for ad manager at the same time. And all of these are walking by a lot of unsolved bugs. At some point I believe that kodular will step back. Lets just sit down and watch what will happen. And I must say that I feel that you act like “kodular users have to deal with whatever you impose them”. Please dont do that.

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You’re not paying anything. Commission is taken out of your earnings. You would be paying if you were dipping into your own pocket.

There are indeed many bugs that need fixing.

That point was reached some time ago.


Well, we choose to use Kodular and agree to their TOS which state, “ Kodular reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time…”. If we don’t like it we can discuss it in a mature way in this forum. But at the end of the day we have to accept what they do, good or bad.

I was going to write you a long reply but I understand this is sth “take it or leave it” thing. so I give up. do what ever you want.

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Mainly extension subscription should be removed because it will unpopular kodular stragery

I will do anything to not have to pay for a totally insane bill. If we accept this insanity, other insanities will come in the future, and freedom we gradually lose.

1: We will open multiple accounts to store the projects…

2: Let’s ask extension creators to integrate as many functions as possible.

3 : we will use ad manager and seek supporters for the app.

4: Our projects will improve, because we will make them smaller to support 5mb.

It’s totally insane because Kodular is killing it at its best. " The community "

:point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:


Yes me to

Admob with Bidding featrhure

hay guys don’t just run for free free

Kodular is not some charity organization, they too need to earn. they too have to pay bills.

So it’s better to earn more and pay then rather than earn nothing.

I support Kodular Premium but with AdMob + Bidding


What happened to the Free forever thing? Why and How could we trust the Kodular staff? This move looks like a fast collection of money with unrealistic promises before disappearing. It has already happened with other compilers (i.e. Sketchware). Users have already invested with a lot of time to learn this Free forever tool. Reporting bugs. Developing extensions. I was waiting for a solution to a crucial bug so long that I started looking for another compiler. I found it. It’s a Premium plan. But it already works in the Free plan too. I hoped that a new Kodular update would solve the bug but…Surprise!! We are forcing users to pay what the users supported, advertised as Free Forever. We promise plenty of upgrades as never before, we promise plenty of new features as never before just pay in 5 days as never before. Sorry, I don’t buy it as your promises de-facto are not really to be trusted. I’m coding just for fun during free time. It’s seems I’m not among your target audience anymore. I’ve found a great support in the Kodular Community. I can’t say the same about the Kodular staff. With regards and wishing you the best.