Geojson uploading error

Describe your issue: During uploading .geojson file in Feature Collection both manually as file and through url Kodular shows error.

Expected Behaviour: Should show features on map after successful uploading of geojson file.

Actual Behaviour: During uploading .geojson file in Feature Collection both manually as file and through url Kodular shows error. Even it said file size is too large. Say, I am using geojson file for all states under United Stated. I can’t skip any states. I don’t know whether geojson files should have limits or not. Even through url also it showed some unknown error.

Android version: Oreo 8.1

Maybe you should show us what you did.
Too I can’t the any screenshots with a error message.


Have you tried to download the file on the phone after installation? Maybe this could be work…

How to download? For that it needs user permission (if I am not wrong).

The message tells you exact what’s wrong…
Your file is to big.

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Problem #2: The map type cannot be changed using blocks. @Mika


What’s the problem.

I looked in the code and it should be possble.

But I think it‘ll be work if you save the file on the phone storage

What is the size limit? In that case I cannot use any geojson data for a state/country or even a village. Whats the solution?

How big is your file ?

I dont need a video.
I need only a simple answere.

File Size is Approx 20 mb.

The video was for that the map typ is not working. You asked whoy would it not work. thats y posted video.

And the file limit is current something with 20 MB for one apk (I think).
Means you need a file with lower size.

Thank you sir.

But please tell why my map type aren’t changing. The block is correct according to you and it should work. But its not working in real. Thanx in advance,

Split your data and make two json files and upload to assets. Then you can connect json files with “join” block or something.

Thank you brother… I already followed this way… and it’s working… but Can I load two separate file at a time within a map? Coz for me it’s taking a lot of time to load.

I didn’t test yet but or you can merge two JSON files and create a file in device with merged JSON. So you can pull data from there.

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(Moved this topic to #discuss as this isn’t really a bug in Creator.)