Geolocation with radius of coverage

Dear sirs, I need guidance. From now on, I want to thank you all for the tips and guidance for the questions I have. I would like to locate my clients through the neighborhoods / addresses on the map. It would be more or less like this. In the registration part, he, the client, would put his registration data such as address, neighborhood, city and zip code, his category: Seller, Dentist and etc. Suppose I want to find on the map which Dentist I have in a certain neighborhood from their address registered in the Database. It would show through the points on the map. Another thing to determine the radius of coverage, for example to limit by distance. I want to find out how many Dentists in that neighborhood I have within a radius of 5, 10 or 15 km from my location. As soon as he shows me these points I want to click on him and he brings me either by popup or through a listview: his name, profession, address and etc. I know it is a little confusing but in the forum can I get some information like that?

Maybe this:

  • A well structured database + Logica … + Extension or API

Next update: show the closest path.