Get a information from a list from Firebase and put on a Label

Hey guys, I have a issue to solve and i can’t figure out how to solve it. I need to get a name from a list as i you can see below:

And put that name “Administrador” on a Label in my screen. The tag is an id.


get you data, by id, store that to a list and get list item by index, use select list item ,

Could you show the blocks? I didn’t get it yet.

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wait, i will show you blocks

Maybe this will help you. Drop me some beer money if it does:wink: part of my project

I saw your blocks and it help me a lot. But i don’t know how do you link each location with the info and address after the detachment. if you show only these blocks. I’ll be thankful.

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sorry i was too busy,for exemple you have 3 items in list, try this,




I did that, but it works only if I already know what the id is. I need to search for the name (index 1 in list) and get all the information for that list.
Below is my screen. I put the name (index 1 in list) to search (Procurar) and I wish to get this name and another two informations (index 2 and 3) from that same list and show on the text boxs below.

I almost getting it. I just need to joint these two ideas.

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there is all things related to your question in lists blocks, check them, like index of item in list, select list item, try them, when you select a name, use select list item and in index use index in the list, there use you use that item,

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