Get a result of a db after typing

As I can when writing a text in a notepad get a specific result from a db,

For example I have my notepad, and I write several words but when I write specifically “2347” check in a db and throw me a result, either in the footer or in the head, and after knowing that there is in the db that text “2374” a hyperlink is made, what when I click it shows me the result of the db, So if I write another code in my text “23456” show me the result of that code and when I click on one code or the other show me the result, and Continue writing codes and shows me the result, without having to leave or have a button to review the code one by one, but all the codes that are in the text of make a hyperlink and can review the result by clicking, How this app

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use the OnTextChanged event, query your database and display the result in for example a listview


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