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Hi Kodular Community,

I want to get all user data from my airtable(Table) and show it in my application. Basically, I am building an admin app where admins can see user progress and user data from it. I am a little new to the kodular, that’s why I need help. As for the trying, I don’t know where to get started.

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Use Get Column Block (Max 1200 On Free)
Get All Data From Airtable

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@Anil_M I want to get data for each user separately like a user list, which shows information on user data

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Get All Data separately empty list

Like this

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You can use query method too

Thank you for the help but I have tried it but it’s not getting me anything from my airtable @Tech_Developer1 @Still-learning

Check your api key & base id put properly

@Anil_M Now its getting data but only from the last column, i want to get data for each user separately like , user 1 data , user 2 data, user 3 data

If you wany every users data then get all data amd put into list then use for each item list block and do the remaining work

I have tried like this for all users

and the result is


It is logical that it shows only the last record, you do not realize that with each cycle you are overwriting the values ​​of the labels.


Use dynamic listview

You can use anyview but it totally depends on our wish and logic

Hi, Thank you for this. Can you please send me .ais for this screen? Thank would be a great help :slight_smile:

airtable_Screen6.ais (9.3 KB)

Upload this extension before you upload the ais

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Can you give link to this extension also? :sweat_smile:

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