Get Cell inside FOR Statement is not working properly

Hello All

I have used Get cell with column statement inside For Each Entries block

As per expected functionality, Get cell needs to be called for number of entries available in For statement
but system is calling only once

Lets say - i have a list of 100 entries and i have used FOR each entry statement for same list. Now the expectation is to call Get cell for 100 times, but its calling only once

Please suggest

Because you are doing wrong.
You are calling get cell less than a second and before completing first one and making a line of job.

How do we solve this?

.1. By making a global list for get cell.
2. Call get cell method from this list at index 1.
(Check before that list is not empty).
3. Use event when cell.
Do whatever you want and remove index 1 of this list and repeat 2 point.
If you have five items in list then this loop runs five times

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