Get data from a website and show on the app

Hi guys, I was wondering how can I get data from a website and show it on an app.
For example, let’s say that I have my internet service provider website from where I can see the data left on my plan but there isn’t an app linked to it.
How can I make an app that have a label and, when I login, it connects to the website and get this information?
Not only with numbers but with text, ecc.
Like “connect to a website, read the string in this place, show it on the label”.
Hope I was clear and everyone understood…

Yep, you can do it.

Using the Web function.

To send a username and password check here


Any block example or guide? The documentation is still in progress ;___;

Login, get the data, and then when you have GotFile, that is the HTML file, you can do whatever you want with the content.


You can do that if you are able to get API from service provider to get specific info.

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Can u plz show me the blocks that i have to make in order to make something like below:

using the url:-

or simply you can tell me what changes i have to make in the blocks on this guide Guide: How to get JSON data from an Api using dictionaries (and show it on a dynamic cardview)

Web Component

plz can u elaborate more…

API + web Component

Ya thanks for that.but actually what i am trying to say is that since i want the same layout as created in the GIF…but my api is somewhat diffrerent so when using exact copy of the blocks from the guide its showing error and i know it will show…I don’y have much knowledge about WEB and API component…so i want you to check while changing the url from the one mentioned in the guide to my own url…what exact changes i have to make in the blocks mentioned in the guide…it will be really helpful for me…plz